Q-COFFEE combines great taste with the added benefits of carefully selected, natural supplements. Our hero ingredient CBD is the perfect way to reduce stress, jitters and feelings of anxiety. Q‑COFFEE RELAX enhances the experience of coffee as you know it: low on caffeine, but loaded with plant-powered relaxation.

Comes in a box of 10 biodegradable capsules, suitable for your Nespresso* machine.




per capsule

(5.5 gr)


Decaf Coffee

5.1 gr


124 mg


25 mg


*Reference intake of an average adult (840 kj/2000kcal)

** May contain traces of, but no more than 0.05% THC. CBD intake should be limited to 160 mg a day.



Cannabidiol, or CBD, has recently seen a massive surge in popularity as a health supplement. It can be used in a therapeutic manner to improve your mood, reducing jitters and feelings of anxiety. When compared to THC (the stuff that gets you high), CBD is often presented as its ‘non-psychoactive counterpart’. This is somewhat of a misconception however: in the sense that CBD directly affects your mental state, in terms of cognition and mood (in a good way, however!). While de-stressing with a cup of Q-COFFEE RELAX, you don’t have to worry about ending up high as a kite either: We use CBD isolate, meaning close to 100% pure CBD.


An important mineral that is found in grains, veggies, nuts and dairy. Our bodies use this smooth operator to form strong bones, muscles and to get signals in the nerves form A to B. Magnesium relieves the tired feeling and helps you RELAX as part of a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle.

Decaf Coffee

Our coffee beans are characterized by a well balanced, smooth coffee taste with a buttery flavor of chocolate and fruits. For RELAX, we mixed the world’s most laid back beans and brewed them specifically to ensure they won’t keep you up while all you want to do is doze off.

The plant capsule®

The Green Ring™ turns plants into a biodegradable Plant capsule®, suitable for your Nespresso® Machine*. After use, just throw them in your organic waste bin.

*Brand of third parties unrelated to Q-COFFEE.