Enhanced brew

We enhanced our coffee with a range of hero ingredients, each beneficial to your physical or mental state.

Whether you could do with some prolonged ENERGY, increased FOCUS, or a boost to your IMMUNE system, we’ve got you covered. Each variety of Q-COFFEE is equipped with a set of carefully selected supplements, inspired by nootropics communities and other health gurus. These ingredients are chosen to serve a specific purpose: take for example CHOLINE, which is believed to improve working memory, making this powerful brainfood a perfect fit for Q-COFFEE MEMORY. Likewise, each of our products offers a potent mixture of all natural ingredients, to amplify the cognitive or bodily function that you’d like to see enhanced.

(Amster)damn good coffee

Q-COFFEE was conceived in Amsterdam, inspired by its creative coffee scene and nootropics pioneers alike.

Our beloved capital has a longstanding love affair with coffee. Ever since the first coffee houses opened in the 17th century, Amsterdam’s innovative thinkers have been fueled by this black beverage. Initially, coffee was regarded as a medicinal product, much like tea.

Fast forward a few centuries, and we are at the point where progressive coffee lovers have started experimenting with adding ‘nootropics’ drugs, supplements and other substances that may improve cognitive and physical function to their daily coffee routine. These innovations got us thinking: could our beloved coffee offer us more than just caffeine? Could we go back to the roots of coffee as a product with a specific purpose?

What about Q?

It’s what we like to call ‘functional coffee’: Q-COFFEE is enhanced with supplements to benefit your mental and physical performance.

Our mental and physical potential are often measured in terms of intelligence scores like IQ EQ, SQ and FQ. Intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, spiritual quotient and fitness quotient, respectively. With the recent popularity of ‘smart drugs’, we asked ourselves: Could we supplement our daily cup of brew with all natural, cognitive and physical enhancers, amplifying these different types of ‘Q’s’? The affirmative answer to this question is how the concept for Q-COFFEE came to be.

The plant capsule

THE GREEN RING™ turns plants into a biodegradable PLANT CAPSULE®, suitable for your Nespresso® Machine*.

Mechanical recycling of coffee capsules made out of aluminum or plastic is virtually impossible. This means that the only real end-of-life solutions used for coffee capsules are ‘landfill’ or ‘incineration’. Far from sustainable, if you ask us. THE GREEN RING® is a consortium of companies that reimagined the production and disposal of coffee capsules: their PLANT CAPSULE® is completely made from sugar canes, without the use of fossil fuels. After use, it can be safely thrown in the organic waste bin: the whole capsule composts in only four weeks. The whole capsule, including its foil, confirms well within the criteria set by the European Union's EN13432 Standard for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegration. While the packaging dissolves in water and CO2, its coffee content even adds value to the compost heap. By making use of this state of the art technology, we aim to do our part on the path to a fully circular economy.

*Brand of third parties unrelated to Q-COFFEE.